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investment opportunity compliance review

Step 1: Compliance Review

The first step in raising capital online is ensuring your syndication or fund is appropriately structured to utilize the proper SEC registration exemptions. We will work directly with your attorneys to ensure the structure is sound prior to building your online investment platform.

Step 2: Create Strategy

We will work closely with you to understand your company's vision, business model, and process so we can effectively communicate your brand online. Your website is the hub for all online marketing activities, so it needs to be a professional representation of your brand.

create custom marketing strategy
marketing content creation

Step 3: Content Creation

A critical step to raising capital online is generating appealing marketing materials. In addition to marketing materials we will ask for financial projections, subscription agreements, and other necessary paperwork to make accessible to your new investors.

Step 4: Platform Development

Once your content has been assembled our team will begin building out your new investment platform. Being thorough in the previous steps will greatly expidite the development timeline. Once it is finished, you will have one location to send all of your brokers, lenders, investors, and developers.

custon investment platform creation
investor recruitment investor leads

Step 5: Investor Recruitment

Once your platform is complete we will begin driving traffic and generating investor leads for your syndications and funds. We use a proprietary mix of cutting-edge digital marketing methods to ensure that investors find your investment opportunities first.

What Our Clients Think

The InvesTechs team has been great to work with! They have a deep understanding of digital marketing, which I honestly don't have time to learn. They set up a complex marketing system that effectively reaches targeted groups of people and leads them to my new website.

Tom Grant

Tom Grant

Adamas Realty, CEO

The InvesTechs team has built an impressive system for my company that is projected to be profitable right out of the gate. I would highly recommend working with these guys. They are innovative, responsive, and feel more like a part of my team than contractors performing services for me. Most importantly they bring a positive energy to our organization. I plan to keep working with them far into the future.

Bruce Swearingen

Bruce Swearingen

The Land Bridge, President

I call my new investment platform the Lamborghini because it's stylish and incredibly powerful. I get daily compliments on my website, and the InvesTechs folks are always responsive when I need some changes made. I am impressed with the compliance features included.

Peter Ettro

Peter Ettro

Ettro Capital Management, President

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